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So this is me.

This is my first blog post here and I suppose I should be using it to define the parameters of my blog. And, I should be giving a short introduction of myself to better frame my perspectives but I don’t think that would be necessary. My personality traits and lifestyle choices will unravel with each post.

I might be a wee bit late on the social media front, having just only embarked on this blog now when almost every self-respecting, smartphone-wielding, (self-proclaimed) progressive marketing executive is almost over or phasing out blogging as part of their arsenal of brand building tools.

Nonetheless, I am happy to start now as it gives me a platform to not take myself life so seriously and discuss topics that interest me: frivolous or not. I am by no means going to use this platform as a voice-box for social-politics or political commentary but more a place for introspection and possibly, journal my view of the series of random encounters in my life. Really, it’s just an attempt to recover all in the name of my receding memory.

I don’t think it is necessary to have disclaimers either since all these views are my own and are not affiliated with any organisation or business entity I previously or currently work for.

The colloquial phrase, “anyhow only” is used to depict how one may not know do things the proper way, instead, one chooses to do things in an irreverent manner; sometimes, even taking short cuts to derive at the desired result. Hence the saying, “Anyhow only!”: I guess the proper another way to put it would be, “any way will do”.

So. This is an insight into my life. One that will eventually need no introduction.



3 comments on “So this is me.

  1. Appreciative
    December 9, 2013

    Seriously, you’re a good read. I actually don’t even blog and created one just so I could ‘Like’ your wonderfully written pieces. Yes, literally! Lol..
    Well, mostly thank you for being a well-adjusted, level headed wonderful Singaporean.

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  3. spattiselanno
    December 17, 2013

    Hi there! Thank you for your encouraging comment, it is highly appreciated. It is because of people like you who ‘nudge’ me with your support that I continue posting despite the recent avalanche of comments I received on my Special Operations Command post. So yes, thank you!

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