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2013 in retrospect

I know I am way early in writing this since we are only halfway through November. As I was going through my Day One entries earlier today, it hit me how much has changed in a year for me.

For the uninitiated, Day One is a journaling app for smartphones. It allows users to fast track to a single day’s entry or scroll their timeline featuring one image per entry. Password access and iCloud syncing are all possible on the iOS versions. Way cool and convenient, if you ask me!

I’ve been using Day One for quite some time now and have been happy to port my daily journal with me without having to lug around a heavy book of sorts. When traveling, I usually write more than one entry a day, that helps me recall the moments later.

2013 has been eventful for me. I haven’t been able to run this year due to a bad relapse of my autoimmune disease. I am ENVIOUS of those who are able to. And since I cannot be as active, I’ve taken to other sedentary activities interests including beauty and makeup, researching and collecting designer bags, fixing up restoring my classic motorcycle and accessorizing my dirt bike, and finally starting my blog. I would say, that’s not too bad for someone who’s hanging onto dear life, fighting an invisible enemy.

Trust me, the fighting drains you.

My 2013 has been bittersweet. A real test of patience and my faith in God. As with tradition, I had set off with some goals in mind and have since met them, I also managed to tick some things off my bucket list.

I think my biggest achievement this year has to be becoming a much stronger person: emotionally. And I am referring to being able to shut out people and tune into my own voice.

Case in point, every single day at work, I am on the receiving end of various comments from my colleagues, who aren’t tactful or have great taste. At first, I would take offense at their insensitive remarks. Sometimes the hurt was so bad it would linger for days, weeks even! It started to eat me up. Extremely unhealthful environment to be in for eight hours straight, five days a week.

In actuality, I have not worked in an environment where such personal and erroneous comments are hurled so freely. Usually, personal remarks are kept to a minimum and only positive remarks about hair, choice of outfit, makeup or accessories are mentioned in small talk. And, never, ever, anything negative is mentioned. So this is all new to me.

The long and short of it is that I’ve come to learn the importance of self-love and tuning into myself more.

It don’t matter what other people say or think because they aren’t me. They don’t clean my wounds every night and pretend the next morning that life goes on and everything is a-ok.

What matters most is my opinion of me.



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