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Buying pre-loved luxury goods

Happy New Year!

As with most people, I started the new year hopeful and inspired.

To keep my spirits aligned, I decided to do away with my tatty old Filofax agenda and looked into purchasing a new agenda to mark the new year. As much as I love Louis Vuitton products, I somehow couldn’t convince myself to fork out (close to) SGD700 for a brand new Louis Vuitton Agenda (PM) in the smallest size (stated estimated price includes agenda refills for 2014 as well).

So I started to look at various pre-loved options and stumbled on one on eBay. Why the love for Louis Vuitton designer products? Well, alot of it is fuelled by watching too many YouTube videos and the other part is really because LV products have a somewhat higher resale value (ranked top three) amongst designer brands.

Yes, I know, resale value for  designer ware?? Can one get more frivolous than this…? LOL.

Back in 2008, I came across a local online forum where people gathered to trade pre-loved designer items called DeluxeMall.  I was pretty shocked to know that people actually trade pre-loved designer ware. Fast forward six years and buying pre-loved has become huge with fashion trends pointing towards vintage-everything seen in shows like ‘Sex And the City’ sporting charming vintage pieces paired with updated items to create an overall eclectic outfit. Just look at ‘Resale Royalty’, a workplace documentary series set in St. Louis that follows Sue McCarthy along with her daughters, Diana and Laura, who own and operate one of the top resale stores in the United States. This mother-daughter trio work to bring designer brands at affordable prices to their fashion-savvy clientèle. From spectacular closet buys of posh St. Louis socialites to exclusive shopping tours across the country, ‘Resale Royalty’ is an exploration of high-end fashion events, insider trends, designer insight and the highs-and-lows associated with a demanding family-run business in trading pre-loved luxury products.

One Woman’s ‘Same Old’ is Another Woman’s New Find.

Honestly, why pay full price when you can pay a fraction for something that can be in almost pristine condition albeit secondhand? Plus, it’s a very green option. Even if one person contributes more to less wastage, it will help the overall.

Yes, I also know that I’m paying a premium for canvas products not full grain, pebbled leather which is virtually indestructible. To each his own, I guess. I like how brown contrasts black so well. Anyway, so back to buying pre-loved…

I searched for a pre-loved LV agenda amongst our local consignment stores and forums but somehow, it seemed like everyone echoed my thoughts. All pre-loved agendas had been snapped right just before the year-end. I had no other option but to look at eBay. Cue theme song from ‘Jaws’ the movie. One knows that buying pre-loved goods on eBay is mind-boggling and quite a nerve-wrecking experience. Just search out Louis Vuitton on eBay and thousands (and I mean thousands!) of listings will show up. Even if you are a noob to buying pre-loved or designer products, instincts will tell you that not everything is authentic even if it is listed as so.

I decided to take the conservative route and transact with only from Top Rated eBay Sellers. But I stumbled on a listing from Famous Brands of Japan operated by eLady, an eBay seller who was not listed as such but came pretty damn close. I took my chances (and paid by PayPal) and am delighted with my decision to take that somewhat calculated risk.

Before I committed to the purchase, I looked for signs that my item was going to be authentic even though I know this store only trades authentic products. I compared the images listed for the item against authentic photos, looked for the date code, and eventually went to the store to look at an agenda before deciding to take the plunge with this pre-loved item. All this trouble to save about S$500. Pretty good deal, if you ask me.

There are even forums (The Purse Forum) where one can get items listed on eBay authenticated (provided there are enough images provided for the item).

The transaction was quick and painless and shipping was even swifter! I placed my order on 29 December 2013 and received my item promptly on 2 January 2014 despite the holidays. I was impressed. Most times, I would have to wait over a week or more for my items to arrive. The bonus? The item was in better condition than shown in the images! Obviously, the agenda shows some signs of being used but it came pretty damn close to pristine condition!

Being kiasu (literally translated to mean ‘scared to lose’), I decided to save all the images that were listed together with my item, just in case I didn’t receive the same item I had originally paid for. So, here are the images courtesy of eLady.



Here is how the item was shipped to me. Since the purchase price for this item was lower in value than S$400, I did not have to pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) for it….


Granted, it did not come with the LV dust bag and LV gift box but those things are peripherals as I am more concerned about getting an authentic item for use! Delighted with my purchase and started using it today! Do pardon the poor office lighting.


Anyway, thanks for reading and wishing a very Happy New Year to all.

I wish you all every success in 2014!


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