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Skin Inc Get Awesome Skin Brightening Set: Review

I initially posted my unboxing and first impression blog entry of the Skin Inc Skin Brightening Set on Feb 5 when I incorporated these products as part of my new skincare regime. See post here: Skin Inc Get Awesome Skin Brightening Set: Unboxing & First Impression.

Since then, close to two weeks have passed.

Unfortunately, I have found myself allergic to the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel and the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. Instead of giving me clearer skin, these two products especially the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, caused my skin to breakout in white heads. I stopped using these two products after five consecutive days of usage. The white head breakout was so bad, it started to look close to a plantation after about two days. Every night, I found myself picking at my white heads in an attempt to remove them. I started leaving myself with red angry marks all over my face. As an experiment, I stopped using the Hydrating Mask first. I found that the white heads stopped appearing almost immediately after I stopped using the mask.

Subsequently, I stopped applying the peel too because I found it wasn’t effective on my skin at all. Firstly, I did not experience the peel exfoliating away dead skin cells or removing any remaining makeup off, as I have seen on photos of some blogposts. Secondly, I also did not experience any positive effects of using the peel. The exfoliating experience just did not happen for me, and it wasn’t because of failure to use the product correctly. It just didn’t work on my skin somehow. In its place, I started using the Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel religiously for the last 12 days since I stopped the Skin Inc peel. And I find the Ginvera Marvel Gel more effective comparing the two “peeling” products.

So now, onto the serums. What can I say except, I love them! They seem to brighten my skin and also enhance the elasticity of my skin. My skin looks and feels more hydrated and supple now. It also feels a whole lot smoother. I find my bare skin now looks more translucent and that much more luminous. I dare say that I find myself needing even lesser foundation these days. I haven’t been using the serums twice a day as instructed, using them sparingly only once as part of my night skincare routine. But the marked improvements I have started to see in my skin condition are convincing me to start using the serums twice a day.

Naturally, I won’t traumatise you with a bare-faced photo of me, craters and all. So here is a portrait shot taken some time ago, before I started on the Skin Inc routine, followed by a recent image taken this morning.

FOTD using Lorac Pro palette taken Feb 3.

FOTD using Lorac Pro palette taken Feb 3.

FOTD showing brighter skin using SKin Inc's skin brightening serums

FOTD showing brighter skin using SKin Inc’s skin brightening serums

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