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Carousell: The latest marketplace to buy, sell and trade for free

I might be late to this party but I figured, I’ll share it nonetheless.

If you would like to buy, sell and/or trade your items freely, there’s a new marketplace you might want to consider. It’s called Carousell. It is basically a free iPhone/ Android app that allows you to connect with other users, list your items for sale directly from your mobile device. The app even comes complete with photo editing capabilities so you might adjust the colours, brightness, etc of your image before posting it for sale. 

The app is free. So are the listings. Pretty neat if you ask me. And so far, it’s been quite handy for me in trying to get rid of items that I no longer use. There are a total of 19 categories: For Her, Beauty Products, Design & Craft, Lifestyle Gadgets, Photography, For Him, Luxury, Sporting Gear, Antiques, Games & Toys, Home, Textbooks, Books, Music Instruments, Baby & Kids Stuff, Tickets/ Vouchers, K-Pop, Everything Else, Community and category for one to list services or items they might be Looking For.

Here are screen shots taken of the app. It allows users to ‘Like’ listings and ‘Follow’ users much like how Instagram functions. The beauty of this app, to me, is the fact that once you list your item for sale, potential buyers may offer you a price and “chat” with you. Currently, the current version allows users to share on Facebook, Twitter and also share your post on STClassifieds.


I listed six items for sale early Saturday morning and sold my first item on Sunday evening. Another two items have had some interest and possible deals are pending. Pretty quick response, if you ask me. I am impressed.

Naturally, as with any advertisement, it is always important to have well-taken images and proper descriptions and of course, an attractive price. Users can choose to meet in order to transact or transact via bank transfer-postage. I like the hassle-free approach of postage but naturally, new users might always doubt the credibility of individual sellers or the condition of the item they might be purchasing so meet-ups are preferred. I guess that’s the hassle of trading used items or purchasing items via forums to enjoy bulk discounts.

I did a quick look around and honestly I saw a few good deals. This is definitely a great source for bargain hunters. Here’s my profile and items for sale. Check out how quickly it sold!

My profile on Carousell

I sold one item on Carousell within a day!

I sold one item on Carousell within a day!

I sold one item on Carousell within a day!

Here’s a bit more about Carousell:

“We started Carousell to solve a problem of our own and one that is prevalent on existing marketplaces: it’s too much of a hassle to list unused and underused items for sale. As a result, people end up procrastinating, leaving these items lying around wasted.” – Carousell Creators, Carousell blogsite.

Founded in May 2012, Carousell is incubated by NUS Enterprise, supported by Spring’s ACE Grant and was the winner at Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. Carousell is also a partner of Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore’s largest media group; Listings from the Carousell app have the option to be cross-posted to STClassifieds, allowing SPH to generate content from a largely youth demographic, and for Carousell to provide its sellers with a larger pool of prospective buyers.

Here’s a relatively new news clip featuring this local start-up from ChannelNewsAsia: Carousell positioning itself as “eBay for Southeast Asia”

Do try out this marketplace and once again, thanks for reading!


7 comments on “Carousell: The latest marketplace to buy, sell and trade for free

  1. carrotoh
    February 25, 2014

    I am going to give it a try!!

  2. spattiselanno
    February 26, 2014

    Cool! All the best with your sale! I’m so happy I just secured another sale! 🙂

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    June 22, 2014

    I actually got onto Carousell a couple of weeks ago and it has been a pretty interesting experience so far! xx Am fifiliciousify on there… will find you 🙂

    • spattiselanno
      June 23, 2014

      Hello! Yes, Carousell is a great place to trade items. I’ll look for you too! 🙂

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