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Saveur at Far East Plaza

Saveur (pronounced ‘SAH-VUR’) is a Singaporean French restaurant that serves affordable French food and currently has two outlets, one at Purvis Street and another at Far East Plaza.

If you know a thing or two about Saveur (or haven’t been living under a rock), you will know that it is ALWAYS packed. Hipsters, young couples, executives and families with young children throng the original outlet located at Purvis Street on week days and weekends for dinner. You can almost forget about getting a table for dinner on weekends if you are not prepared to wait in line. It is just as busy for lunch on week days. Business is swift and Saveur opened their second outlet at Far East Plaza to much acclaim in 2013.

I am not one to queue for food, it’s just not something I want to do, even if the food is fantastic. I’ll just much rather enjoy average food with great company. I guess I’m easy that way. But, Mum (Mother-In-Law) decided I should give Saveur a go so she arranged for us to meet for dinner with her niece one Friday night. We went to the Far East Plaza outlet.

I was greeted by fairly austere interiors at the door. Dark walls with wood panelling juxtaposed with large hanging mirrors gives the place a rather modern hipster cafe-type look. I liked it. The place looked like it had about 18 tables with a majority of 4-seater settings. I got there about 6.30pm and was told there was already a queue for dinner. The hostess at the door informed me that waiting time was approximately 20 minutes for a table. Not too bad for a Friday night if you ask me. I was pleasantly surprised when the hostess gestured to an iPad and informed me that the queueing system was automated: I just had to input my name and mobile number (along with my party size) into the iPad and the system will generate a queue number for me and alert me when my table was ready. I got a call from the automated system informing me my table was ready about 6.55pm.

We placed our orders and food was served within 20 minutes. Mum and I ordered the sea bass, the cousin ordered Saveur’s signature Angel Hair pasta with minced pork. We were told that they had run out of their entree specials, Duck Salad, Salmon Confit and some other items. It was only 7pm on a Friday, I guess that’s a good indication of just how swift their business is.

Anyway, I like the icon on their menu, you can even check out Saveur’s menu online, click this link for more: Saveur’s Menu

Saveur menu

Saveur menu

As much as the interior is inviting, the servers are friendly and most, if not all, are locals. A VERY refreshing change from the foreign service staff we have come so accustomed to in Singapore. I like that the wait staff were patient while we decided on our orders.

But the place was noisy, the atmosphere rivals that of an air-conditioned food court or canteen. I got slightly distracted from the noise and rather tired from trying to have a conversation above the noise level. Thankfully, our food was served rather quickly.

I didn’t try the Angel Hair pasta or take a photo of it. But I have heard about it. Many patrons and bloggers have raved about this dish. Here’s a review of the dish by a fellow wordpress blogger: guiltygoodness’s review of Saveur

Saveur's signature Angel Hair pasta with minced pork (Photo Courtesy: guiltygoodness)

Saveur’s signature Angel Hair pasta with minced pork (Photo Courtesy: guiltygoodness)

Here’s a photo of my sea bass.

Pan-seared sea bass, saute potato with crabmeat, french beans & caper vinagrette

Pan-seared sea bass, saute potato with crabmeat, french beans & caper vinagrette

I liked the presentation which was nice. The serving of sea bass looked to be about 200g served on a bed of baby potatoes. I sprinkled some pepper over my fish and decided to tuck into it. I’ve never quite had baby potatoes so properly done before. They were tasty and juicy, not dry and bland. I actually finished the entire plate of baby potatoes! The fish was milky and well-seasoned. Not overly salty or over-cooked. The fish skin was crispy too! This dish was extremely flavourful and I quite enjoyed it. The sea bass is priced at S$14.90.

Next, we had dessert and called for a serving of chocolate.

Chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken raspberries, roasted rice pugffs,  chocolate tuile & praline

Chocolate mousse with crushed hazelnuts, broken raspberries, roasted rice puffs,
chocolate tuile & praline

I liked the presentation of this dish too, it looked cheerful and quite inviting. I was intrigued by the fact that they included rice puffs in this recipe. The raspberries add a certain zing to the overall taste, contrasting the sweetness of the chocolate mousse. I’m not one for dessert so I stopped at the third spoonful. Besides, after the fish, I could barely eat anymore.

We chatted for a bit longer, dragging out dinner to close to two hours. At about 9pm, the service staff asked if we wanted to order more items or we would have to vacate our seats to give way to other patrons, given there was still a queue waiting for tables. Already stuffed, we decided to leave. Our bill came up to about S$65 for the three of us.

Overall, I think the food is affordable and quality is decent. But I doubt I will go back again just because I prefer quieter venues where I can enjoy good conversation over food without being hurried.  


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