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Hatter Street

In all honesty, I’m not truly one for desserts. I just crave the occasional sweet treat and mostly I’m in it for the ride or the company. But when a riding kaki (Malay for leg, also refers to buddy) of mine introduced me to Hatter Street, I couldn’t resist a return trip.

This place has the best waffles in town. I kid you not. Waffles (known here as Whoa’ffles) are served a-la-minute: piping hot, fluffy and crispy. And the pandan flavoured ice cream is not only unique but is so much more awesome than the average butterscotch or plain ole’ vanilla. This version I had was drizzled with a special in-house sauce made from Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar popularly used in Malay/ Nyonya cooking).

Waffle with Pandan Ice Cream and Gula Melaka

Waffle with Pandan Ice Cream, Blueberries and Gula Melaka Sauce

The Hatter is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. Although he is never referenced as ‘The Mad Hatter’ in either of Carroll’s books, the Hatter is portrayed as ‘mad’ and has become known as such. Named after the character in Alice in Wonderland, Hatter Street is owned by Yvette Chua, a pastry chef who was trained at the Singapore’s Culinary Institute of America and who later apprenticed at the renowned 3 Michelin-starred Bo Innovation X-treme Chinese Cuisine in Hong Kong. Naturally, the whimsical décor in the cafe is also inspired by the novel.

On both occasions I visited, the dessert shop was full. I also noticed on the second visit that they have been garnering publicity with various magazine features and have also developed a growing popularity within the blogsphere. By the looks of it, this place is going to become quite the hit!

I also tried The Rabbit Hole, a chocolate mousse-like cake with an interesting texture. Sans waffle, this would have been a great chocolate experience but after having the waffles, I just didn’t quite feel the magic on this number. Maybe I just preferred their waffles.

The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole

If anything at all, I would recommend you try the waffles here. Hatter Street is located at 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333 Singapore 530212 and is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 1pm- 10pm.

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