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Solepomodoro at MacKenzie Road

I have a weakness for Italian food: wood-fired oven pizzas, pastas loaded with cheese, Tiramisu, you name it.

And, a quick Google search will turn up quite a few Italian joints in Singapore – some good, others fair. But I discovered Solepomodoro in late 2010 when they first opened Locanda at MacKenzie Road and think their breads, wood-fired oven pizzas and pastas are extraordinary. And I would imagine, quite reflective of  the taste of Italy.

Over the weekend, we returned for yet another taste of their traditional wood-fired oven pizzas.

Just to whet your appetite (just a little), here is a photo of their delightful Prosciutto E Funghi – a freshly-made traditional pizza baked in a wood-fired oven with a fluffy yet crispy crust encapsulating a tasty tomato sauce, chewy mozzarella, roasted ham and mushrooms in a full-flavoured combination.

Solepromodoro's Prosciutto E Funghi

Solepromodoro’s Prosciutto E Funghi

We were a party of three and ordered one appetizer, two mains and a Tiramisu to share. To start, we had the Mozzarella Di Bufala Con Pomodoro that is basically a dollop of buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, drizzled with basil oil accompanied by some olive paste, which was pretty darn good too. Apologies for not having taken a photo of the dish but we were seated by the sidewalk and there was hardly any light for a good photo.

Next came the pasta, their Penna Carbonara. I was impressed at how perfectly-cooked the pasta was.  Coupled with egg, Italian bacon, Pecorino cheese and black pepper, this dish was another hit with us. The serving portions for all the food we had that night were large enough to share amongst three and all of us were satisfyingly filled but not overly stuffed.

Solepomodoro's Penna Carbonara

Solepomodoro’s Penna Carbonara

Again, I didn’t take a photo of the Tiramisu, I’m sure everyone knows what Tiramisu looks like. Here is an image taken off Solepomodoro’s website anyway. Do check out their online menu.

Solepomodoro's Tiramisu

Solepomodoro’s Tiramisu. Photo Courtesy: Solepomodoro

Solepomodoro’s Locando at MacKenzie is located at 19/21 MacKenzie Rd #01-01 Singapore 228678. Do check them out, if you’re ever in the area.

Once again, thanks for reading!


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