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Hogs Bar Restaurant

As bikers, my friends and I are always looking for a place where bike parking is not an issue, food is good and the environment is chill-out. With the onslaught of cafes and F&B establishments opening in Singapore, you will be hard-pressed not to find a place you enjoy, biker or non-biker friendly.

Which brings me to my next point about Hogs Bar Restaurant at Joo Chiat Road. Not to be mistaken with Hog’s Breath Cafe, this restaurant-bar was set up by bikers for bikers, and is one of the few perfect chill-out joints (be it a full-on meal or a refreshing drink) for bikers who enjoy wining and dining 5-feet away from their bikes. It’s like that bar in the TV show Cheers, where everybody knows your name, at Hogs Bar, the service is warm and inviting. There’s even bike washing and detailing service within the compound!

Hogs Bar Singapore

Hogs Bar Singapore. (Photo Courtesy Hogs Bar Singapore Facebook Page)

First, the food. Here’s what we ordered that night.

The Hogs Bar Cheese Burger

The Hogs Bar Cheese Burger


A close up of the Hogs Bar Cheese Burger

The juicy and tender beef patty

The juicy and tender beef patty


Hogs Bar’s Drunk Hog hotdog


Hogs Bar’s Drunk Hog Hotdog

Taking up the entire space of what used to be a bungalow from the 1920s, Hogs Bar has both alfresco and an air-conditioned indoor dining area. The indoor dining area also features a pool table!

When you enter the indoor space, you are greeted by a bar counter with a view that looks onto the parking area downstairs. Diners who are so inclined may choose to enjoy their cuppa while appreciating their rides or enjoy the ‘live’ telecasts of sports on the telly.

Walls adorned with images of V-twins and Harley Davidson posters should give one a clear indication of the theme of this restaurant. Some panels are even fitted out with diamond plate to add that industrial flavour.



Indoor bar seating


Pool table at the Hogs Bar


You know it’s a biker’s joint when you look at the pictures on the wall

Even the bar counter is fitted with diamond plate!

Even the bar counter is fitted with diamond plate!

Overall, this is a great place for bikers and non-bikers to gather. Remember to bring along your camera, you never know what rides you might encounter parked in the compound, just like the one below!


Vespa with a side-car. (Photo Courtesy Hogs Bar’s Facebook Page)

If you are ever in the area, do check out Hogs Bar located at 382 Joo Chiat Rd Singapore 427622, or log onto their Facebook page for updates.


3 comments on “Hogs Bar Restaurant

  1. isaac976
    April 13, 2014

    Who’s side car is that ? I wanna sit in it …

    • spattiselanno
      April 14, 2014

      Haha, not mine for sure. I’m not that hip.

      • isaac976
        April 14, 2014

        yes you are.. just you dont know it .. LOL

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