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Chanel Espadrilles S14

Espadrilles are staples in any summer wardrobe. Although we only have two types of weather conditions here in Singapore: wet or dry, I decided over the Easter weekend to randomly walk into the Chanel boutique and try on a pair of espadrilles for comfort. Espadrilles are best in dry, summery days and are not so ideal in wet weather.

Anyway, I was prepared to walk away with no shoes knowing that these Chanel espadrilles sell out like hot cakes in every country. Secondly, I was prepared that the shoes would not be comfortable enough for me to wear. Upon slipping them on, I was ecstatic to find out that I can finally wear covered shoes after 84 weeks of suffering what has been my longest relapse of Systemmic Vasculitis, an autoimmune disease I have been battling for the last 19 years.

An automimmune disease is best described as a condition when one’s immune system responds abnormally to substances and tissues present in one’s body. Vasculitis refers to the inflammation of bloody vessels. Some of the diseases associated with Vasculitis include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, tumors, leukemia and lymphoma. Most times, such diseases are life-long with no cure, only treatment.

My condition manifests with skin ulcers mainly on my lower limbs that measure up to 5cm and render me near immobile at times. The last 84 weeks have been a very trying time for me and I have had to stop all physical activity including running. Now, my last skin ulcer is finally close to healing and I can finally wear covered shoes! Naturally, I had to celebrate with a shoe purchase! So here’s my little jute party.


Chanel box with signature Chanel Camellia


Unboxing my new Chanels

My black lambskin and toile espadrilles from Chanel!


Black lambskin and toile espadrilles from Chanel

These canvas shoes are soft and breathable enough for my wound and were the only pair that weren’t cut so high that they cut into my wound. I was so delirious to also have found the last pair in my size, colour and material preference!

Chanel Espadrilles with black lambskin toes

Chanel Espadrilles with black lambskin toes

Chanel Espadrilles have been all the rage since they were initially introduced in 2012 and stocks fly off the shelves in each Chanel store, season after season. I was lucky to find a pair in my size.

Lately, a new introduction to the line includes an all lambskin version which I also tried on in-store but was advised against purchasing the leather version by the sales associate as they may hurt my wound after some wear. So eventually, I decided on the canvas version in black.

I am incredibly happy to finally be able to wear covered shoes again. It has been a torturing 1.6 years of wearing ugly sandals daily, trying to pair my outfits to match my sandals while keeping all the bandages hidden away. I count my blessings to finally see some respite from changing wound dressings and painful sleepless nights. I am blessed to finally (and hopefully) be momentarily healed from this relapse. I am blessed to be able to wear shoes again. And I am truly blessed to be able to celebrate all this with a new pair of Chanels!

Celebrating the end of 1.6 years of wearing ugly sandals, pairing outfits to match ugly sandals while keeping bandages hidden away with Chanel Espadrilles

Celebrating the end of 1.6 years of wearing ugly sandals, pairing outfits to match ugly sandals while keeping bandages hidden away with Chanel Espadrilles

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, good vibes and comments. I am so blessed to be in recovery.

Once again, thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Chanel Espadrilles S14

  1. Emma
    July 3, 2014

    Hi dear, may I know how much you got got these at?

    • spattiselanno
      July 4, 2014

      Hello! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I think I paid about S$680 for this pair. Have you also got a pair?

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