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My 1977 Honda CD185

I sell my 1977 Honda CD 185 today. She turns 37 years old this year.

I got her some two years ago and initially had to do some restoration work on her so she would start up. Subsequently, we also got her some cool mods to make her more like a street tracker. This is what she looks like today.

1977 Honda CD185

1977 Honda CD185

Initially, when we decided to sell her, I didn’t think I would feel anything. Today, I suddenly feel a wave of sadness when I look at her thinking that it will be the last time we go out together. I don’t think I have felt so sad in a while. I hope her new owner will treat her well. Here’s a video montage I created for her some time ago.

Goodbye, Emma. I have enjoyed every moment with you.


3 comments on “My 1977 Honda CD185

  1. Dominic aka gexer
    May 18, 2014

    Dont worry. Emma is in good hands. Will keep you update of her new outfit.

    • spattiselanno
      May 21, 2014

      Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I am certain you will treat Emma well, no doubts at all. Thank you for sending the updates, you definitely have a refine touch. I hope Emma takes care of you too. Enjoy her!

      • dominic aka gexer
        May 21, 2014

        yeah, we will take care of each other. wifey is complaining why haven’t she able to try EMMA. i told her i not ready yet. whahahahahha

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