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An Analog Affair

Sharing a laugh while cutting the cake

Sharing a laugh while cutting the cake

“I shoot exclusively in film for that timeless, romantic look.” – An Analog Affair

I’m not big on photo shoots (especially for my wedding) because it’s just leceh (Malay for troublesome) and too staged for my liking. Obviously, pre-wedding or engagement photo shoots guarantee that photographs turn out perfectly, if not near-perfect, but everything is just too posey-posey for me.

I don’t do posey-posey. It’s just not my style. Especially when the hubs and I are normally candid and spontaneous but stiff in front of cameras.

We did our pre-wedding photos in the studio because the bridal boutique we rented our wedding day outfits from had packaged everything for a good price, so we just went with it. To the uninitiated, most Singaporeans/ Malaysians rent wedding outfits (both bride and groom) from bridal boutiques who will also include photography services, make-up and hair services, bridal car decorations and the bride’s hand bouquet into one package. Like a one-stop-shop approach, bridal boutiques offer competitive bridal packages – a good thing for most couples. That also means most couples end up with the ‘cookie-cutter’ bridal look and style.

Naturally, I was more concerned about photography of the actual wedding day because I wanted photographic pieces of moments that will jolt back the same emotions when I flip through my album again years later.

So, it was an easy choice for us when it came to deciding on our photographer for the actual wedding day: An Analog Affair. We wanted our photos to stand the test of time, and remind us of the emotions we felt and all the fun we had on the day we both said, “I do”. We knew An Analog Affair would deliver that, and more.

The spirit of years bygone captured in the style that is signature of An Analog Affair

The spirit of years gone by captured in the style that is signature of An Analog Affair

Basically, we let him shoot in any format he was comfortable in because we trusted his expertise. And look at the photos.

Evidently, each photo by An Analog Affair captured a special moment – a very special memory of the events on our wedding day. The beauty of each photograph is that it documents expressions in an honest, unadulterated manner; so pure, so perfect and so beautiful.


We kept ours a simple affair with just good friends and family. While we had the traditional tea ceremony in the day and the Chinese sit-down dinner at night, it was nothing fancy. Just a celebration of our union over good food and several glasses bottles of wine with fabulous company.

In ancient China, brides wore a red veil made of a piece of exquisite red silk cloth. The red veil was only to be removed by the bridegroom in the bridal chamber. In our modern times, we have swapped out our traditional red ‘kua‘ (a red two-piece outfit with elaborate gold embroidery to symbolise luck and happiness for the auspicious event) and red veil for the big white dress and the white veil.

Veiling the bride - a Chinese custom

The modern day equivalent of veiling the bride according to Chinese customs

The traditional Chinese bridal ceremony requires the groom to make his way to pick up the bride. And so, on the morning of December 8th, my groom and his cavalry arrived on their steel horses.

My groom and his cavalry

My groom and his cavalry

The arrival of the bridegroom

The arrival of the bridegroom

Before the groom is allowed to see his bride, there is the “gatecrash” –  a tradition in Singapore/Malaysia where the groom is “stopped”  at the gate by the bridal party, and challenged through a series of games and tasks. Some of the tasks my groom and his boys had to do include drinking chilli-soaked gin, peel a lemon with whatever they had on them or with their bare hands, and also to rap in Hokkien. Here are some candid shots from the “gatecrash”.

Drinking gin infused with chilli padi

Drinking gin infused with chilli padi

Attempting to peel the lemon with a multi-tool

Attempting to peel an lemon with a multi-tool – bikers always carry tools with them

Rapping in Hokkien while wearing diapers

Rapping in Hokkien while wearing diapers

Overall, I think all the boys had “fun” and loads of senseless laughing at the gatecrash. Definitely an experience they would not soon forget. I didn’t see it but I could hear the laughter from where I was seated and sensed the swelling camaraderie amongst this brotherhood. Judging from the photos, it was obvious the boys had fun.

"Got the bride", he Instagram-ed

“Got the bride”, he Instagram-ed

Hand-in-hand. With a lint remover, no less.

Hand-in-hand. With a lint remover, no less.


No posing needed here, just honest expressions immortalised in classic black & white photos

An Analog Affair has the talent of capturing gorgeous candid photos. No posing needed, just honest expressions immortalised in timeless photos that I can keep and appreciate throughout this lifetime.

After this bridegroom kissed his blushing bride, we journeyed back to the groom’s home where we served tea to our elders as a sign of respect. Following which, we re-enacted the tradition of returning to the bride’s home (on  the same day instead of three days later) to serve tea to the bride’s family.

Taken while serving tea to the bride's family

Donning the ‘kua’ while serving tea to the bride’s family

By the end of the day’s events, we were both completely hammered. Thankfully, we had a few hours of rest in between before the big dinner celebration. Our photographer was with us while we got dressed for dinner.


Getting ready


Gloves on

Me and my toothy grin

Me and my toothy grin


We did the bridal march-in to kick off the dinner celebration, and my father walked me down the aisle. This photo speaks volumes of that moment – I may be someone’s wife from that day on, but I will always be daddy’s girl.

Entrusting his daughter to his new son-in-law.


Throughout the dinner, I wasn’t imposed upon by a camera in my face or felt like I was being shadowed by a photographer. Yet, all the photos are frame-perfect – so stylish and reminiscent of years gone by, a style I most love – the vintage glamour of Old Shanghai or the roaring ’20s. So, a big thanks to An Analog Affair, for the incredible job of photographing our wedding.

In all honesty, I’ve mostly just glossed over the pictures, and have not sat down to fully appreciate the album until now. I know I am about two years late in saying this but thank you, Fadly. Thank you for all the perfectly-taken, gorgeous photographic memories.

You have convinced me that somethings look even better from behind your lens.

photo12 photo11

View the video for a compilation!

If you like what you see here,  Like’ An Analog Affair on Facebook or book him for your wedding by calling:

Fadly Salleh

m: +65 91777381

Hope you enjoyed reading this and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Imp
    May 7, 2014

    Beautiful !!!

  2. Rae
    May 7, 2014

    Beautiful candid pictures! Hey, I’m going to malaysia in 1 – 2 months. Any malaysian beauty product recommendations?

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