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Sponsored: Welcos The First Treatment Essence First Impression

Yay! This would be my very first ‘sponsored’  blog post in which I have been kindly gifted two products for review.  \m/

About a month ago, I was contacted by a representative of myLuvMe (愛美), an online store based out of Hong Kong, that retails a wide range of  branded beauty products, perfumes, skincare and makeup, health food supplies, beauty tools and accessories at discounted prices. myLuvMe provides free worldwide shipping for purchases of two or more items, or a flat shipping fee of US$6 for single item purchases, and includes free return (within 14 days of purchase). The representative enquired if I was keen to try Welcos products out.

I was fairly clueless about myLuvMe and Welcos so I went onto their website and boy was I delighted when I saw they had brands like Estee Lauder, Chanel and La Mer. After clicking around the site, I also saw they recently added GlamGlow items to their offering, priced at S$78 (currently retails for S$98 onwards at Sephora)! I was super stoked to receive my parcel from myLuvMe.

myLuvMe brand offering

myLuvMe brand offering

Almost a week later, I got a nice parcel from myLuvMe.

Full-sized Welcos products for me!

Woots! Full-sized Welcos products for me!

It  containted:

1. Welcos The First Treatment Essence, and

2. Confume Argan Treatment Hair Ampoule

Like a child on Christmas Day, I ripped open the package, removed all the bubble wrap and took the two products out.


Welcos The First Treatment Essence and the Confume Argan Treatment Hair Ampoule

I was intrigued by the Welcos The First Treatment Essence so here’s my first impression of the product.

The packaging bears uncanny resemblance to the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottles. But once you open up the bottle, you realise that it is a completely different product altogether.

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

The bottle contains 200ml of product and is made of frosted glass. Some of the product claims include –

“Essence of liquid type to enhance condition of skin without balance to the best level. Keeps skin healthy protecting it from foreign environments by developing skin’s original power” – Welcos website

Removing the bottle cap, I noticed the plastic seal and was quite impressed with the packaging.

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

The product is slightly more viscous than I expected and feels closer to a “liquidy” gel. As the packaging was written entirely in Korean, I wasn’t too sure if there was an exact application process I needed to follow so I checked the Welcos website which states application onto clean skin “using a suitable amount with cotton. Wipe according to skin texture or allow to absorb.”

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

Welcos The First Treatment Essence

The product is lightly fragranced with a fruity scent that I find more bearable than the sourness of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. Don’t get me wrong, I love using the SK-II treatment essence and have benefited from using it for 10 years now, but still, I cannot completely appreciate the product’s sour scent. I reckon the sweet fruity scent of The First Treatment Essence probably comes from the 92.98% pomegranate lactobacillus extract contained in the product.

I love that the product dries quickly and doesn’t feel sticky or leave any sticky residue on the skin. The scent is almost unnoticeable after application onto the skin, but lingers so slightly on my fingers.

In fact, after applying this onto my face, I followed up with my regular moisturiser and my go-to makeup. Throughout the day, I noticed that neither my makeup oxidised, nor my face become shiny (I have oily skin) even after four hours in an air-conditioned office. Maybe I was imagining but I’m convinced enough to replace my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with the Welcos The First Treatment Essence and use it for some time before writing a full review of this product.


FOTD with The First Treatment Essence underneath my makeup

The First Treatment Essence currently retails for S$42 on myLuvMe.

Estalished in 1986, Welcos is a South Korean beauty products manufacturer which focuses on creating natural cosmetics and skincare products. The First Treatment Essence is one of their products from the HYOYEON brand and contains lotus stem cells.  Welcos has recently named Korean actress Seo Hyeon-jin as their ambassador for their products.


About Welcos

Find out more about this or other Welcos products at or shop their line on

Do watch this space for an updated review of this product and thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Sponsored: Welcos The First Treatment Essence First Impression

  1. Rikzah Zia
    May 31, 2014

    you look so pretty ! 😀

    • spattiselanno
      June 1, 2014

      Thank you! And thanks for stopping by and leaving me such kind words! 🙂

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