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Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu Brushes

Hello lovelies, if you follow my blog, you would know I have blogged about Carousell before. Well, I have been moving around quite a fair amount lately and decided it was time for me to look into getting a set of travel-sized makeup brushes, and I happened to be browsing Carousell when I saw an ad post for a set of Bdellium Tolls makeup brushes. I’ve always wanted to try out the Bdellium vegan-friendly brush range so I contacted the seller and negotiated a deal.

Bdellium Tools (pronounced “dell-e-um”) is a California-based professional brush company. Their brushes are handmade and come in four different lines: the Maestro Series (luxurious anti-bacterial brushes with nickel plated brass ferrules), the Green Bambu Series (eco-friendly, bamboo-handled vegan brushes), the Studio and Travel Lines (anti-bacterial brushes with 7-layer lacquered yellow handle).

Released in Spring 2012, the Yellow Bambu Series (and new Pink Bambu Series) is similar to the Green Bambu Series with the only difference being the colour of the handles.

So as luck would have it, I ended up purchasing the Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu 15-piece brush set (complete with brush roll) from the seller. It was relatively new as she had only used two brushes from the set and the remaining brushes were still wrapped in plastic. When I got it from the seller, there was even that ‘new’ smell from the kit. I was ecstatic to get my hands on it.  Here’s a stock picture of the set. When I got my set, the arrangement of the brushes were exactly the same as in this picture! Most of my brushes still had the plastic wrapper still on.


Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu 15-piece Brush Set

Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu 15-piece Brush Set


The Bdellium Yellow Bambu brush set comes with a eco-friendly, olive-coloured linen brush roll that features 20 pockets for varying-sized brushes, and four additional side pockets to store other small or loose items in place. Each brush is made of soft vegan synthetic bristles with a sustainable bamboo handle, and an anodized aluminium ferrule.  Here’s what Bdellium has to say about their Yellow Bambu Series.

Bdellium Yellow Bambu Series

Bdellium Yellow Bambu Series (Photo Courtesy: Bdellium Tools)

Professional eco-friendly makeup brushes, all sustainable bamboo handles, vegan soft synthetic bristles, hypoallergenic bristles, 100% cruelty free and includes Bambu Roll-up Pouch (19 x 7.7 inches) – Bdellium Tools

As with all makeup brushes, I washed my ‘new-to-me’ set and was ready to use them. But from what I understand, most Bdellium brushes come with an anti-bacterial protection layer which doesn’t require users to wash them for first-time use, except their eco-friendly range. Regardless, I still needed to be hygienic since my set was pre-owned.  I am happy to state that there was no colour bleeding from the brushes upon ‘first’ wash and no shedding from any of the brushes. I always wash my brushes with Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap and dry them with the Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape.

The Bdellium Yellow Bambu brushes feel soft even when compared to my 13rushes brush set which I previously blogged about when I first hauled it (read it here). I have been using my 13rushes brushes daily since I purchased them some four months ago and have no complaints about them except the one occasion where I had one ferrule dislodge itself after being checked in for flight. Since then, I have only had a somewhat average impression of the 13rushes brush set.

Brushes included in this set are:

  • 980 Powder,
  • 964 AP Blusher,
  • 955 Duet Fiber Finishing,
  • 949 Pointed Foundation,
  • 947 Small Foundation,
  • 936 Concealer,
  • 785 Tapered Blending,
  • 780 Pencil,
  • 775 Duet Fiber Shader,
  • 772 Small Shader,
  • 740 Sponge Applicator,
  • 733 Lash,
  • 762 Small Angle,
  • 710 Eyeliner, and
  • 542 Bold Lip brush
Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu 15-piece Brush Set

Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu 15-piece Brush Set (Photo Courtesy Bdellium Tools)

The Yellow Bambu series features travel-sized brush handles – slightly shorter handles compared to regular brushes, which are perfect for my purpose. I got the brush set last night and after washing and drying them, I have used the powder, the tapered blending and small shade brushes. So far, I am very happy with my purchase. Currently, I am still learning about the brushes and trying them out for size before I do a tutorial or full review of them.

Oh, have I mentioned how much I love the yellow brush tips and handles yet? They are bright and cheery, and remind me of hardware tools. I know, it sounds a tad strange to compare makeup brushes to hardware tools but hey, aren’t they used to construct beautiful things too? >.<

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my haul of this brush set. I’d really love to know how these brushes last so if you have any experience, let me know in the comments below! And once again, thanks for reading!


3 comments on “Bdellium Tools Yellow Bambu Brushes

    June 22, 2014

    the color of these brushes is simply divine and unique! xx

    • spattiselanno
      June 23, 2014

      Oh yes, I love the yellow too! It’s definitely a great set of travel-sized brushes.

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