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Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice: 44 Holland Drive

This may not look like much but trust me, lovers of Hainanese Chicken Rice, should really check out this stall – Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice at Holland Drive.

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a dish of Chinese origin, most commonly associated with the Hainanese clan. The chicken is prepared in traditional Hainanese methods involving steeping the entire chicken at sub-boiling temperatures in a pork and chicken bone stock, reusing the broth over and over. This dish is also accompanied by a ‘oily rice’ made from combining chicken stock in the rice preparation to produce a highly flavourful rice.

In all honesty, I found the taste that reminds me of my childhood with this chicken rice stall. The chicken rice taste from this stall is so hearty and honesty, the first (and consecutive) bite releases a flood of happy memories when times were laidback for me and I had the freedom of being a latch-key kid in the 80s.

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

The ingredients are definitely fresh because this stall sells out every day. Sorry, I didn’t capture a photo of the store front but here’s one from

Everyone knows that Hainanese Chicken Rice is not only about the chicken or rice but is also defined by the accompanying chilli sauce, and the chilli here is not diluted or tasteless in any way. There is a right mix of lime, vinegar, garlic and ginger in the chilli mixture makes it the perfect tangy chilli sauce especially when topped with a generous  dollop of zesty ginger paste.

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

Here, the chicken meat is tasty, tender and juicy. It doesn’t taste heavy or doused heavily in sesame oil like some chicken rice stalls. Even the chicken breast meat which is famous for tasting dry and bland, doesn’t taste so here. What can I say, the chicken here is just fabulous.

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

For me, I like my rice to be grainy and slightly chewy instead of spoonfuls of mushy clumps so to me, the rice here is done to perfection. Each bite is fragrant and the texture is honestly perfect. And, Hainanese chicken rice stalls that don’t serve the cabbage soup, aren’t quite up to mark because the cabbage soup ties the entire dish together. So full marks to this stall seeing as to how each bowl of soup served includes generous pieces of cabbage cooked to delicious mashy goodness.

I find it hard to find Hainanese Chicken Rice stalls that also serve cabbage soup along with their chicken rice, maybe people are just getting too lazy with food prep so major props to Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice for continuing the tradition. To me, it’s these details that jolt back the memories of yesteryears.

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice

I must say, I am addicted.

Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice is located at Blk 44 Holland Drive #02-39, Holland Drive Market and Food Centre.


4 comments on “Jin Jin Hainanese Chicken Rice: 44 Holland Drive

  1. carrotoh
    July 1, 2014

    Near my house 😉

    • spattiselanno
      July 2, 2014

      Haha, lucky you, have you tried this out?

      • carrotoh
        July 5, 2014

        hahha. nope. i dont go all the way out for food… so if we happen to be there, i will give it a go!

  2. Imp
    July 2, 2014


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