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40 Makeup Questions Tag!

Happy Hump Day, my lovelies. Whaddaya know, it’s already Wednesday and time for me to mark mid-week with a tag post! I was so convinced to do this because I had so much fun reading this post on Bliss No.9

How many times do you wash your face daily?
At least twice a day – more if it’s gym day or if I’m playing with makeup.

What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
Combination – leans more to oily given how humid Singapore is!

What is your current facial wash?
Drugstore – Nivea Visage White Acne Oil Control Pore Minimizer

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, once daily!

What brand do you use?
It depends, mostly it’s the loofa (body) and the Clarisonic (face)

What moisturizer do you use?
Currently, trying to finish up my ZA Total Hydration Night Cream. (Using it for both day and night.)

Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
Once ever so often whenever I remember.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Been experiencing clogged pores lately due to bad habits but generally, no.

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?

What foundation do you use?
Currently, I’m trying to finish up the Estee Lauder Double Wear.

How about concealer?
The Physicians Formula  Gentle Cover Stick Concealer

Do you know your undertone color?
Yes, I’m a neutral with slightly yellow undertones.

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
Erm, they fly off when I ride my scooter…?

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?

What brand of mascara do you use?
Too Faced

Sephora or MAC?

Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
What is that?

What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
Fingers, brushes, and eyelash curler.

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
Yup, who doesn’t?

For the face?

What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
I always like a slightly smoky neutral look for daily wear.

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Every. Single. Day.

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
Haven’t tried them, might be too messy for me. I’m not terribly dexterous.

Do you use mineral makeup?
Used to, gave them up.

What is your favorite lipstick?
I like liquid lipsticks and always reach for my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick

How about lipgloss?
Too sticky and high maintenance for me.

What is your favorite blush to use?
Right now, it’s the palette from Zoeva Cosmetics.

Do you buy your makeup on ebay?
I have to, there’s a gap in available makeup brands here and the US. I keep watching those Youtube videos and everyone goes on about this and that product, I have to try them out!

Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes. LOVE. I mean, what’s not to love about drugstore makeup?

Do you go to CCO’s? (cosmetic company outlets)

We haven’t got any here.
Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
Yes. Many times.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Hard lines and overplucking. That includes drawn-on tadpole brows. To me, that’s just hilarious shit.

Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Mostly neutral for eyeshadow and bright red/pink lips.

Which celebrity always has great make up?
Cate Blanchett

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use?
One is just not possible. I’d rather just go as myself then.

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Yes. But it gets harder after 30.

Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
What a joke.

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
I’m starting to think Too Faced because it’s not only highly pigmented products but also cruelty-free.

What do you think of Makeup??
I’m obsessed and have to learn to stop. What is it about the luxurious/colourful packaging and claims that always get me everytime?!


8 comments on “40 Makeup Questions Tag!

  1. msbeautyguru
    July 9, 2014

    Hey! I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, check it out here! :)) ❤ ❤

    • spattiselanno
      July 10, 2014

      Hi! Thanks for the nomination, I’ll check it out for sure! 🙂

  2. blissno9
    July 9, 2014

    Woo hoo! Loved reading your post! 🙂

    • spattiselanno
      July 10, 2014

      Hello there! Yes, thank you for posting your tag. I enjoyed reading your post so much, it totally inspired me to do one too. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. carrotoh
    July 10, 2014

    Oh I dint know two faced is cruelty free. Cool!

    • spattiselanno
      July 14, 2014

      Yes, it is! Great quality, funky packaging and cruelty-free. Totally cool. 🙂

    July 24, 2014

    nice post babe!!!! xx neutral makeup with bold lips FTW!

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