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A timely reminder

For the longest time, and even as a child, I thought a person’s watch is his or her most intimate possession. I reckoned your watch travels with you to just about everywhere and therefore bears witness to just about every situation that one encounters on any given day. It was therefore on this premise that I considered the  watch a person’s most intimate possession that one could possibly inherit from another.

Some months ago, I was one such lucky person: I inherited my Father-In-Law’s (FIL) Seiko Diver watch, also known as the 6309-7049 model. It is completely weathered and definitely needs much TLC (tender, loving, care) to restore it to its former glory. The bezel is badly scratched and the movement inside feels heavy. To some collectors, this watch holds a certain market value today, but to me, this watch is priceless for its memories.

Seiko Diver Watch (6309-7049)

Seiko Diver Watch (1980s 6309-7049)

Seiko Diver Watch (1980s 6309-7049)

Seiko Diver Watch (1980s 6309-7049)

It got me thinking about how much this watch has endured over time: the adventures experienced and the stories it has to tell. I know my FIL took this watch diving countless times, it was also on roadtrips with him when he took off on his motorcycle on B roads in West Malaysia and numerous recreation flights in his micro-light. Yup, my FIL was a very adventurous man in his younger days, quite the Asian version of James Bond, if you ask me. You can read his adventures here on his blog: David’s Short Stories. Today, my FIL has slowed down but he is still adventurous, and gives back to the community by helping out at various associations.

I wish I could have followed him on his adventures. It seems like those days have long since disappeared, replaced by the sonic-paced world of today. You know, those times when spotting a Ferrari on Singapore roads were rare moments? Today, supercars are a regular sighting on an average day. It’s almost like the types of cars on the roads are representative of the pace of life in the city. I miss those simpler days. But I guess, this is the price of progress.

This watch is a reminder of my FIL’s many adventures; creating that mindful deafening silent scream to live my life as richly as he has lived his.

If only I could be half the person he is.


3 comments on “A timely reminder

  1. brooklynpayne
    July 22, 2014

    I love your blog and nominate you for the “very inspiring blogger award”.

    • spattiselanno
      July 22, 2014

      Hello there! Thank you for your support and kind words! Will tag you once my post is up! 🙂

      • brooklynpayne
        July 23, 2014

        No problem! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

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