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4Fingers Crispy Chicken

All things Korean have taken over South East Asia by storm. That includes the 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, a Korean-styled fried chicken quick service fast food joint that opened in Singapore in late 2013 with a new outlet located at Changi Airport and another at Westgate.

The restaurant interior resembles the NYC (New York City) subway with white brick-like walls contrasted against cement screed walls and pine-coloured tables. The interior is well-lit and rather inviting with a generous space between tables. 4Fingers Crispy Chicken was launched in Singapore by four friends who had inititally stumbled on similar Korea-styled fried chicken shops in New York and decided to bring the same concept to Singapore.

Now that we know a little about the brand, let’s talk chicken.

Don’t be fooled by the looks of this fried chicken because the sauce is seriously tasty whilst the skin is crispy. The meat inside is also juicy and tender despite the exterior looking somewhat shrivelled up and dry. Diners have a choice of three flavours: soy garlic, hot or mixed. I decided on the hot sauce and was not disappointed at all. Here’s a look at my share.

4Fingers Crispy Chicken with Hot Sauce

4Fingers Crispy Chicken with Hot Sauce

My friend had the rice box option with the Soy Garlic sauce. Whilst the sauce complement the rice, I personally preferred the taste of the hot sauce.

4Fingers Drumsticks Rice Box in Soy Garlic

4Fingers Drumsticks Rice Box in Soy Garlic

Take a look at the menu (taken off the official 4Fingers blog site).

4Fingers  Singapore Menu

4Fingers Singapore Menu

My verdict is that the food tastes wholesome (yes, even though it is fried), I love that it is served piping hot and the interior is nice and bright. It is definitely worth a try, if you are ever near an outlet.

4Fingers is currently located at ION Orchard (#B4-06A), Changi Airport (T3, #B2-02)) and Westgate (#02-05).


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