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7th Cylinder Cafe: Updated Menu

I love when cafes continue to improve their experience and there is much to be said about the food at 7th Cylinder Cafe.

They have updated the interior slightly with more posters and even have customer pictures hanging on one wall now; there’s also a quaint vintage-looking Vespa and a bicycle to enhance the atmosphere, helmet hooks and other farkles (a combination of “function” and “sparkle”) which seem to create a more lived-in and comfortable environment. All the aesthetics are great but to me, the most important thing they have done, is to update their menu.

Five months after they first opened (check out my first post about them here), 7th Cylinder has now got a small but decent fan base, a Facebook page and also a better food selection albeit limited. Items on the menu reflect the motorcycle theme and there are interesting names such as ‘Class 2A Breakfast’ and ‘V-Twin Coffee’.

I was feeling peckish so I went for the Caesar Salad. Though the portion was small, the salad was definitely better than average. The salad wasn’t dripping in dressing and croutons were crispy, not stale. I love that they also included freshly grated cheese and bothered to fry the ham pieces too. The touch of sundried tomatoes definitely added a nice bite to the salad. I just wish the serving was slightly larger and more greens were thrown into the mix. Apart from that, I LOVED the salad here.

Caesar Salad with Ham

Caesar Salad with Ham

It was so good, we had seconds, and thirds. This is the Caesar Salad with Bacon and Egg which was even better than the version with just ham. The egg added texture to the salad and the bacon created a lovely aroma and flavour. We couldn’t resist the salad, I know, it’s odd but we were just on a salad kick.

Caesar Salad with Bacon and Egg

Caesar Salad with Bacon and Egg

Caesar Salad with Ham and Egg

Caesar Salad with Ham and Egg

The 7th Cylinder Cafe also has a small selection of pasta dishes so we picked the Chicken Basil Aglio Olio which was simply phenomenal and the pasta hit “al dente” perfection. Just a touch of black pepper and this dish is seriously good.

Chicken Basil Aglio Olio

Chicken Basil Aglio Olio

For sides, we had the Onion Rings which came on a bed of Arugula (rocket salad) drizzled with vinaigrette and thinly-sliced pieces of fried meat. The dip for the onion rings seemed to be a mixture of tartar sauce and mayonnaise. Every thing came piping hot, made with fresh ingredients.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

My only gripe is that the portions here are slightly too small but apart from that, I think the food here is definitely good. While nothing particularly ambitious, the dishes are tasty and well-conceived. So do give it a go if you are ever in the Arab Street area! The 7th Cylinder is located at 1 Jalan Pisang #01-01 Singapore 199069 and is closed on Tuesdays.


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