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Verus Damda case for iPhone 6

I got the iPhone 6 in early December and a new case along with it. Somehow after two months of using the case though, I started wanting something sleeker. And that’s what my new Verus Damda case is – sleek, chic and cool.

Verus Damda case for iPhone 6

Verus Damda case for iPhone 6

The Verus brand is new to me so I started googling for reviews before purchasing it. The main attraction is that this case has a card slot behind, which basically translates to me not having to carry my wallet along when I don’t feel like lugging around a bag. Major bonus! Naturally, I was concerned about the composition material of the case, finishing and also how it was constructed since there was a chance I was going to be purchasing this case online.

Here is a quick one-minute overview of the case:

And a more in-depth review:

There are quite a few colours available: black, silver, red, gold and yellow. Click here for more: Verus iPhone 6 Damda Slide Case

I was convinced. I got onto Carousell and found a few brand new ones for sale. Here’s my case in champagne gold! It’s only been day two with this thing so I don’t have a review just yet, but I must say I like the feel of the case – a far cry from the first bulky one I first got (currently using the elago S6 Duro for iPhone 6); although the slide isn’t quite as smooth as I would like it to be. Perhaps it’s the plastic sliding against rubber which creates a wee bit of tension. Also, opening the slide can be tricky – I have been using my nail as leverage to pry it open. I’m giving the Verus a few weeks to see if the slide loosens somewhat and becomes less challenging to use.

IMG_2694 IMG_2695 IMG_2696 IMG_2697

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