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Senibong Cove, Johor

2016-06-13 10.00.35

The beauty of writing is that you can start off with nothing in mind yet end with something interesting. I have stopped writing (blogging here) for over a year and in that time, I have found myself with countless stagnating thoughts. I believe writing gives one clarity of thought. Maybe it’s having to paraphrase your ideas that forces one to think clearly. But, I am all too familiar with that feeling of having a thousand fleeting thoughts without a single conclusion.

I measure lucidity proportionately with the amount of time I spend on the back of a motorcycle. I suffer from a form of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). My condition manifests with skin lesions that render me unable to wear shoes for up to eight (8) months in a year. During my downtime, my lifestyle is severely restricted which typically translates to little or no riding at all.

Frankly, it breaks my spirit that I can’t enjoy simple things like the wind in my face and the freedom of the road on a motorcycle. I know, there are people in much worse off conditions than I am in, and I should not be complaining. But it is what it is, and nothing will change it.

I am happy to report though that in the last month, my relapse has been on the mend and I have been able to find an alternative that allows me to be on the motorcycle without jeopardising the healing process of my skin lesions.

2016-06-12 17.16.26-2

Senibong Cove Marina

Naturally, both my husband and I jumped at the opportunity and took a short ride to Senibong Cove in Johor, an estimated 15km northeast of Woodlands Checkpoint. Senibong Cove is a gated community comprising mixed private residential properties – landed and high-rise condominiums, situated amidst well manicured grounds. The area also houses four F&B outlets that sit beside a 100-berth public marina.

2016-06-13 10.00.35

We started of in the afternoon with lunch at Permas Jaya, a small town occupied by mostly Chinese locals. After rounding the area for close to an hour in search of the main commercial district and Grandma’s House Western Thai Cuisine, we ended up eating at a corner coffeeshop selling Bak Kut Teh. Turns out, the food was pretty tasty, in part because it was served piping hot but mostly because we were ravenous from the get-go.


After refueling our tummies, we went looking for Senibong Cove. Just shy of 5km away from the Permas Jaya area is Kampung Senibong a small local community of residents who (I believe) run the seafood restaurants that sit on stilt houses. I am told the  Nasi Lemak here is worth a try.

We plodded on towards Senibong Cove itself and found ourselves in a cosy residential area resembling Sentosa Cove. We decided the marina view here called for some light bites and refreshments.

All in, I enjoyed this somewhat languid ride around the area, in an attempt to discover new eateries and chill-out spots across the Causeway; perfect for those who have anything between three and six hours to spare. Here are some directions taken off Google. Good luck exploring and happy trails!

Google Map of Senibong Cove, Johor, from Woodlands Checkpoint





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