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Cafe Racer by Grillbar, Johor Bahru

The husband and I wondered into Cafe Racer by Grillbar in Johor Bahru late afternoon one lazy Sunday. Piped as a destination cafe, this biker-themed diner is housed in a nondescript double-storey shophouse along a busy street. Its only telling detail would be a tiny table and chair left out on the porch for smokers, rather out of place in a commercial district such as this.

The interior is accented with vintage motorcycles from eras past. From Honda Monkeys to retro CDs, the cafe is also littered with helmets and other riding accessories. Even the toilet has a sense of humour! The second storey is where majority of the alfresco dining takes place for larger parties of 5 people or more, perfect for an event if you ask me. Check out the photos from my visit below.

The food is honest while service is warm. I like taking short rides across the Causeway to discover good eats and unique places like this.

This is one place to check out if you haven’t already. If you ride a small motorcycle, you might be interested to know this place is not far from the Woodlands Checkpoint! Here is a direction map to the cafe from Woodlands Causeway.  The cafe opens Mondays – Sundays from 11:30 am – 11:00 pm. Do follow or contact Cafe Racer directly via their Facebook for more information.

And as always, keep the rubber side down.



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