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Lumut & Pangkor Island


Our 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 ABS in Lumut, Perak, Malaysia

Pangkor Island (or better known to the locals as Pulau Pangkor) is a resort island off the coast of Perak, Malaysia. At that time, our 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 ABS was still relatively new so we decided that a road trip would be a good adventure to mark our wedding anniversary.

Anyone wanting to ride to Pangkor Island on their big bikes should know that it isn’t really recommended – you have to take a ferry to Pangkor Island and I doubt that neither the humble bumboat can bear the cargo weight nor do the boatmen know how to handle getting a big bike across.

So, we stayed in Lumut, a coastal town in the Manjung district of Perak, Malaysia. Lumut is situated about 84 km from Ipoh and is the gateway to Pangkor Island. We actually considered venturing further towards Taiping and Ipoh but decided we would keep those destinations for another time.


The view from the bridge as we crossed into Lumut Town

There’s a handful of things visitors can do while in Lumut – history buffs might want to visit The Rahmat Maritime Museum and access a real battleship (retired navy vessel), while nature lovers might want to explore the Lumut Mangrove Swamp or even go diving. But, we were more interested in just visiting Pangkor Island so we wandered around Lumut and kept majority of our itinerary empty.

The only thing I truly wanted to visit was the Pasir Panjang Turtle Hatchery which we did!


The road to the hatchery is lined with palm tress and proved rather scenic.


We didn’t have any problems locating the hatchery with all the proper signs installed along the way.

The hatchery is well-maintained and kept clean. Such enclosures are usually one of my favourite places to visit. The turtles are bred and then released into the sea to facilitate survival. We have also visited the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary where I experienced releasing turtle hatchlings into the sea. It’s was a wondrous experience that I will share in a separate blog post.


The view from the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut reception

We stayed at the Swiss-Garden Beach Resort Damai Laut and they provided excellent hospitality. I suspect they rarely come across bikers from Singapore since most prefer to shoot straight to Ipoh, Penang or Hat Yai. Secure parking for the motorcycle is always our priority when we venture into Malaysia as I’m sure you have heard countless scary stories of vanishing rides, and I am happy to mentioned that the hotel allowed us to park our Tiger right at the entrance of the porch!

The hotel grounds are massive – with three restaurants and a bar, an outdoor pool, a gym, a spa, a ballroom, tennis courts, and a golf club and country club! Pangkor Island is a ferry ride away from Lumut but our hotel was able to arrange the boat ride for us because they have a private beach with a jetty!



Hello, Pangkor Island!

We spent a day exploring the island and were thoroughly thrilled just stomping around in a little rental scooter.  Pangkor Island is a tiny island and consists mainly of just mountains. The main roads route in a circle around the island so you won’t probably get lost.

There is plenty of shops offering water sports or activities for those looking for an adrenalin rush.


We stopped for a simply lunch and enjoyed a quiet balmy afternoon by the beach.

A stay on Pangkor Island itself is highly recommended for those looking for a short getaway that isn’t on Bintan or Batam. The island offers an idyllic location to kickback and relax. One can explore the surrounding islands via a short three-hour boat trip or hike through the forested area and discover the suspended bridge at Pasir Bogak Road.


It was a relaxing getaway for a few days and we were happy to be home safe. In total, we clocked about 1345km on this trip. For those who are interested in plotting their way to Lumut, here’s a directional map (from Tuas Checkpoint to Swiss-Garden Damai Laut) for your reference.  Happy trails and safe travels.

And as always, keep the rubber side down!


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