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Shortening the strap of the Boy Chanel


SS16 Chevron print Boy Chanel in New Medium Size with ruthenium hardware

I recently got a Boy Chanel in the new medium size. I was planning on downsizing from the classic Chanel Jumbo and found the new medium to be quite ideal for me as a daily beater. However, after using it for a couple of weeks, I realised that the standard strap drop on the Boy Chanel new medium size , which is estimated around 20″ (+/-), swings around so much more when compared with the classic Chanel Jumbo double flap bag. Highly annoying.

So, I researched quite a few online resources to see if there was a solution to adjusting the strap on the Boy Chanel bag. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any solutions to shortening the strap. To the uninitiated, the Boy Chanel flap bag features an adjustable chain and leather strap which can be worn either as a single or double strap similar to the classic flap bags.

After fiddling around with the strap, I devised this idea of securing the chain so that the strap is fixed (non-movable) and yet carry the bag in three different ways without having to fuss about with adjusting the chain and leather strap.

Here are some photos of how I have done it. I just wanted to quickly share a short post on how to adjust the strap on the Boy Chanel. The featured bag is the Boy Chanel in the new medium size with a chevron print in calf leather from the Spring/Summer 16 collection.

First, I secured one of the chain loops on the adjustable portion of the strap to the main loop connected to the bag with a ribbon. I did this on both sides of the strap thus securing the strap length. It is a similar concept to how you tie the classic Jumbo leather-woven strap to shorten it for use as a single shoulder strap. Only difference here is you have to tie down both loops.

It is a bit of a trial and error process – you have to find the ideal length to secure so that the bag works on both options for you – as a crossbody option and as a shoulder bag. I prefer my bag to sit much higher up and closer to my body so it doesn’t swing around as much hence I tied it much shorter than most people would.


Second, I tied a scarf and looped it around the chain to prevent it from leaving any marks on the bag should it rest on the the leather while carrying the bag. A twilly works just as well!


The scarf loops around the chain, and you can choose to leave the excess ends dangling or not. I chose to thread both excess ends back through the main portion of the scarf to create a neater, more streamlined look.


By tying the scarf around the chain, the scarf not only protects the leather on the bag, I find it creates a different look! Naturally, you can choose a more colourful scarf to break the monotony of a black bag.


By doing so, you now have a fixed strap that allows you to carry the bag as a single shoulder strap, as a hand-carry or as a crossbody bag – modelling shots below.


I hope this helps anyone who might be interested in shortening the Boy Chanel strap. Do let me know if you try out this option on your bag and/or have any other suggestions!


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