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Kampong Buangkok

There’s a kampong in Singapore and it’s THE last of the surviving communities of its kind still in Singapore! I’m sure, you already know this but hey, I’ve been meaning to visit this place and was sorry I had waited so long to finally do so.

We decided to venture into the private estate one lazy Sunday afternoon and found ourselves contemplating whether or not to enter the compound on our bikes, after all, it is somewhat private property and we would be trespassing.

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is a village located in Buangkok in the town of Hougang. Built in 1950s, it is the last remaining kampong located in mainland Singapore.

I wandered into the area asking myself who the real ‘jakun‘ (Malay for an ethnic group recognised as indigenous people of the Malay Peninsula but also used as slang to refer to country bumpkin) was here since I’ve never experienced kampong living in my life and the closest I have ever encountered to kampong life, is when we traverse through Peninsula Malaysia on our bikes and make pit stops for grub.

Naturally, bumbling around on a Harley wasn’t the most comfortable ride nor the best of stealth choices. The residents looked on with a mix of curiosity and annoyance. They must be used to countless curious visitors trampling on their grass patches and leaving a mess behind, just to get achieve that highly coveted “Instagrammable” shot.

It’s a very photogenic place reminiscent of 50s Singapore, but try not to disturb the residents – I mean, if you were living there, I am certain you would not want to be constantly disturbed by a consistent stream of nosy visitors especially on weekends when all you really want to do is kick back and relax in your own home. Mind you, these people are just like you and I, and they actually live in this kampong; and aren’t exhibits of any kind.

We were not much different with our loud bikes and endless poses. Here are a few shots we took. Enjoy, and as always, keep the rubber side down!




One comment on “Kampong Buangkok

  1. carrotoh
    November 13, 2016

    But it’s Harley, sure noisy! Hahha

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