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Cycling Around in Singapore

The partner and I  have recently taken an interest in cycling, having purchased a Mini Velo bicycle each. We have been recreational runners for several years and wanted a change in our exercise routine, and felt the bicycles would also be a good step up to endurance training – should we decide to ride long distance around the island, like many others we have seen do. I’ve even tried biking to work, but that I will leave for a separate post.

In fact, we tried out trail riding on bicycles a few years back but felt it was too much of a hassle to cycle offroad because it required more logistics than we would’ve liked since we live right in the city and the trails are located on the outskirts of the city.

I must say that after having done amount of mileage on them in this short span of two months since purchasing our bicycles in late November 2016, the network of park connectors designed, built and maintained by the National Parks Board (NParks) agency in Singapore has truly become quite a gem for discovery, exploration and a good workout.

I’ve discovered the wonders of morning rides, and thought I would share some photos I’ve taken on my rides.

Looking back on these images, I am proud to have so many lovely places I can call my stomping ground. This is home, truly.

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