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Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Blooms Edition 

I spent a year mourning the loss of my Dad, and every day since his passing, I have worn black. There was the occasional red lipstick during Chinese New Year but mostly, it’s just been black outfits, black accessories and little makeup. 

Everyone grieves differently. I’d like to think that my way of grieving was just a quiet solemn daily tribute to contrast the colourful personality my late father had. I still think of him. Every day. And each time I do, the memories never fail to bring tears to my eyes. I never was good at saying goodbye so this has to be the hardest goodbye I have said to anyone yet. 

This February marks one year since he passed. And I thought it was timely for me to mark the day of his passing with something bright, colourful and loud. 

To most naysayers, I’m using this as an excuse to purchase yet another bag. I guess only I would know the true intention. 

After perusing the stores, I decided on the Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Blooms edition in the size medium (better known as size small in the US). Basically, I got the medium-sized bag of the three this model comes in. 

Introduced in Fall 2015, the Gucci Dionysus bag comes in many iterations. The basic models come with a coated brown-beige monogram canvas with suede interiors in a bevy of colours. There are full leather options, full suede bags and also canvas ones with sequin and/or embroidered embellishments. All Dionysus bags come with the textured doubled-headed tiger spur closure. This design has a polarising effect with some critiquing the hardware as oppressive and too trendy. While others, love the edgy vintage vibe of the bag.

All I can say is that the Gucci Dionysus has been the ‘IT’ bag since its introduction; seen on the arms of self-respecting fashion bloggers and photographed to death on Instagram. 

I was not attracted to the Gucci Dionysus or any Gucci accessories in the first place, and this bag didn’t speak to me even when I first laid eyes on it. Besides, I’d always fallen into a safety net of black accessories. Frankly, it wasn’t until I walked into the store, with the intention on getting a somewhat brighter coloured accessory, did I consider this bag. 

The Blooms edition was the one that called out to me. But as with all purchases, I consulted with the partner and his recommended choice confused me – go with the black or nude suede (with canvas). 

Before deciding on the Blooms edition, I straddled between the Medium and the Large sizes, but always falling back on the safe black or nude suede (with canvas) colourway. 

We spent a day out with family on Sunday, taking time to remember Dad. Before his passing, my father requested for us to give him a sea burial and we fulfilled his last wishes. I have a hard time coming to terms with that decision because I have no place to go to when I need to be in his ‘presence ‘.

It is quite disconcerting to not have a sense of place but I will learn to cope eventually. We spent some time together by the beach that day. 

I decided on the bag after my time by the beach that day. I was going to go with the bag that spoke to me when I first laid eyes on: the Blooms print.  

I guess as Dad would have it, I was going to culminate my year of black with a bright floral accessory.

This would be my first Gucci purchase. And I’ll have to be honest. Gucci is not on the same level as Chanel or the other top-tiered luxury brands in that category.

The bag comes with two main compartments and an additional zipper section for privacy, lined in coated canvas. There is also a flip pocket reminiscent of the Chanel classic flap. The Medium size I have does not have the single suede patch pocket on the back, a feature only the large sized bag has. 

The metal strap is similar to the Boy Chanel strap that can be worn as a shoulder bag or doubled up to be carried shorter. I am familiar with this design but I am still a crossbody bag kinda girl. So, I will be looking to purchase a removable strap for this bag so I can carry it crossbody. 

The suede interior provides a very plush and premium feel to the bag. And mine comes with a pastel raspberry shade that allows me to locate my contents easily since most of my small leather goods are in black. So far, I’m enjoying the bag. 

My Gucci shopping experience left much to be desired though. 

From the moment you step into the store, the shopping experience is vastly different. Service is pushy and borderline brusque. The packaging is also in a different league. The magnetic box that comes with the Dionysus bag is cleverly design to be collapsible for storage but falls short on feeling premium. The finishing for the box is unrefined as the magnets peek out from under the coated paper.


Before I pulled the trigger on the Blooms, while I was still in-store, I had enquiried about the availability of the black or suede (with canvas) bag. I was told these bags fly off the shelves and the black and nude versions are always out of stock (OOS). The sales associate serving me then told me the outlet (Marina Bay Sands) was currently OOS but that he would check other Gucci stores for me. He came back after a few minutes with disappointing news that Paragon was OOS too. So either I wait list or purchase something else. I was convinced I had my choice made for me. 

Upon returning home, I left the bag in its packaging thinking if I changed my mind, I would try to do an exchange. Frankly, the bright prints scared me, especially coming from someone whose wardrobe comprises mostly black accessories. Somehow still unconvinced that the black was OOS at the Paragon store, I called the store the next day to check and was told there was one piece still available. 

Initially, I was furious. 

I got the partner to call the MBS store for clarity and informed them that we called Paragon and were told there was a black bag available. Clearly chuffed, I got the partner to play the bad guy and tell the sales associate that I was considering to start the process for an exchange, amongst other things. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, I’m sure.   

I felt cheated and blindsided into making a decision. After I slept on my decision (and consulting with a few girlfriends), I decided to stick to my guns and keep the Blooms edition.

I am certain I will not be shopping with the same sales associate at Gucci again. It would’ve been a great story to tell but unfortunate, it was marred by a hungry sales person greedy to make a commission.  


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