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Purse Liner for Boy Chanel

I am a big fan of organisation. 

Unfortunately, that level of efficiency and detail spills into my personal organisation to include the contents of my bags. I hate it most when bag contents move around and I am left to fumble around looking for a specific item while in line at the supermarket or anywhere else.

Basically, I like to be able to fish out any item I need at a split second’s notice without having to go through a “lucky draw” process. It’s trying to achieve that level of efficiency which propels me to want to post this. 

See, I’ve been looking for the perfect purse liner (some call it bag organiser) that would fit my Boy Chanel in size New Medium. 

I’ve gone through a few purse liners, all for different bags. One I purchased for my Speedy 30, and others I got for other small to medium-sized bags. 

In my arsenal of bag liners, I’ve got this pink-grey nylon one purchased from a departmental store some time ago. It doesn’t quite fit but I’ve used it mostly for the Boy. I just figured that with the material being so soft, I could flatten the top portion down and use it until I find a better-fitting purse liner. To my horror, I recently discovered that the zips on the top of the purse liner have left indentations on the inner flap of the bag. 😫

The contents of my bag remain pretty much unchanged except for days when I need to port along my iPad mini or Kindle or compact digital camera. I’ve got a decent sized bag collection and usually, have no lack of bags to choose from to fit my needs. 


Who can blame me for playing favourites when I would like to be able to get more use out of the Boy given the mother lode of my bonus I used to purchase her! 

Enter the purse liner – it prevents the contents from moving around inside the bag and jumbling up the organisation and therefore, allows me the flexibility of junking more stuff in the Boy. This pink liner also fits my iPad mini. But sadly, the excess on the top juts out. And that pink peeking out from the sides isn’t attractive and doesn’t quite appeal to me. 

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a purse liner that fits better and thought I found something interesting enough to share. 

This is the original (model name) Purse-To-Go liner in size mini. It comes with one main compartment and 6 inner slip pockets of two sizes: one pocket wide enough to swallow a regular-sized carholder and the other pocket size designed to hold either a few pens or a regular bullet lipstick. 

On any given day, I carry these items in my bag (image of contents sans iPhone 6 Plus). 

Here’s the minor problem with this mini sized liner: it fits but it isn’t a perfect fit. I am left with a gap on one side. 

The gap is pretty significant and can fit another fabric drawstring pouch with contents (four lipsticks and one perfume sample) placed vertically. 

Only problem is then, I can’t fit my iPhone 6 Plus in the bag at all. 

And so, the search continues. And until then, I won’t be happy. Maybe, I’ll just learn to make my own purse liners! 


2 comments on “Purse Liner for Boy Chanel

  1. Rae
    February 22, 2017

    There’s a black version of that pink and grey liner at shopee. Maybe that will make the excess look less obvious. I love that liner, daming pocket and it fits everything. I place a notebook in one of the zip pockets so it gets a body.

    • spattiselanno
      February 23, 2017

      Thanks for the tip! I like the same liner too but definitely for a different bag. I’ve just ordered another purse liner for the Boy and am waiting to take delivery. If it fits, I’ll update my post. Watch this space if you’re interested to find out! 😀

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