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I am currently attempting to do some work but am getting serious writer’s block. Not sure if it is due to the new office environment or if it is because I am still learning about this industry and it's business, which is totally foreign to me. Not even sure if the cause of this block is due in part to how distracted I really am by my environment – new colleagues, new workstation, dim office lights, or even my new commute to work.

Frankly, I find my mind wandering about my daily commute to work. This would be my third week at this new job and I have yet to figure out my daily commute. Usually by now, I would have gotten into a comfortable routine and got my travel route and routine down pat. See, I’ve got a choice of riding the motorcycle or driving the car, riding the bicycle and of course with all the new bike sharing options: MoBike, O-Bike and Ofo Bike, it just makes it easier to ride a bicycle. I can also choose to go super fitness crazy and run to and from office or alternatively, I can cab, Uber or Grab.

In the last week, I’ve chosen to use the Grab app as my main mode of transport. With the promo code I’ve got, I get $5 off each trip, making each trip only $2 or $3. Way cheaper than driving or even riding my motorcycle. The Grab promo ends 25 July (today) and I’m starting to wonder if I should really be continuing with Grab or look at travelling via other means.

Frankly, I would usually choose to ride to work. If my office permits slightly casual outfits, travelling via motorcycle will always be my first choice. At this new office, the dress code is relatively casual and laidback. Naturally, I lean towards riding my motorcycle to work.

However, the problem is the parking facilities in the building.

My new office is located in a building that does not have sheltered parking for motorcycles regardless whether you pay hourly or for season. Even sheltered lots for cars are limited!

Since I don’t want to risk exposing my bike to direct sunlight for extended hours at a time, I have to find alternative parking. Another way is to use a canvas cover as shelter but honestly, in today’s given day and time, I haven’t got any idea why any developer worth their weight in gold would create parking spaces that are so archaic in design! Just build a bloody shelter for the vehicles already! But, I digress.

Anyway, in order not to bake my bike in direct sunlight, I decided that I would seek alternative parking within the surrounding area. I’ve found one relatively close by but that means having to walk 200m or more in each direction. Meaning I have to factor in MORE time and that means less sleep. (Yes, that 15 minutes more does matter to me!) While I am all for exercise, I'm not sure I want to lose an extra 15mins of sleep every day for this. And, I’m not certain I won’t get chased away by the building security soon enough. Hence, my dilemma.

Season parking for cars is $139 monthly, so I’m being a cheapskate by questioning why I should dish out that kind of money especially since sheltered season parking at the office has been a perk I’ve enjoyed over the last 15 years. In fact, I’ve asked the building management if I could pay for sheltered season parking for the car and park my motorcycle there – to which the response has been idiotic to say the least.

I thought about riding my bicycle or running to office. But that would require shower facilities which are not available to women at the moment.

So. What to do now?


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This entry was posted on July 25, 2017 by in Life & Thoughts.
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