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Commuting – Part 2

This is part two of my season parking dilemma post.

I calculated today that if I spend $139 on monthly season parking for the car, it works out to roughly $6.95 per working day, if averaging 20 working days in the month.

Hourly parking charges amount to approximately $11 for a full 9-hour working day.

If I were to ride my motorcycle or bicycle, parking is free, provided the security in the other building doesn’t shoo me off.

If, however, I decide to take a cab, Uber or Grab, then the average per trip cost is roughly $8 without any promotional codes applied. This option doesn’t make sense unless I get a promo code for $5 off fares per trip, so I’m guessing I won’t be using this option.

To save the $139 for season parking, I have decided that I will do this:

Car: Up to 12 days a month
Motorcycle: 8-10 days
Bicycle: 2-4 days
Beyond 20 days: Take the Husband’s transport.

Husband transport always trumps though. 🤣


One comment on “Commuting – Part 2

  1. Ian
    July 27, 2017


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